FREI Virtual Events

Introducing Dupilumab: A Biologic Treatment

for Adults With Severe CRSwNP

0:00:00 Opening Remarks Claus Bachert, MD, PhD
0:03:40 Clinical Experience of Dupilumab in Patients With CRSwNP Martin Wagenmann, MD
0:21:51 Connecting Clinical Experience to Clinical Research Claus Bachert, MD, PhD
0:38:46 Understanding the Rationale for Use of Dupilumab in CRSwNP Peter W. Hellings, MD, PhD
0:58:10 Questions & Answers Panel
1:04:41 Closing Remarks Claus Bachert, MD, PhD

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0:00:00 Opening Remarks
0:03:40 Clinical Experience
0:21:51 Clinical Research
0:38:46 Dupilumab In CRSwNP
0:58:10 Questions and Answers
1:04:41 Closing Remarks
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