FREI Virtual Events

1st Webinar
Speaker: Prof Louis Philippe Boulet, Overview of GINA 2020
Moderator: Prof Giorgio Walter Canonica

2nd Webinar
Speaker: Dr Daniel J Jackson, Update on COVID, asthma and related diseases
Moderator: Prof. Louis-Philippe Boulet

3rd Webinar
Speaker: Prof. Lawrence DuBuske, Eosinophilic Asthma
Moderator:Prof. Fulvio Braido

4th Webinar
Speaker: Prof. Jean Bousquet, Treatment of rhinitis – the ARIA program
Moderator: Prof. Louis-Philippe Boulet

5th Webinar
Speaker: Prof. Paul O’Byrne, Management of mild asthma
Moderator: Prof. Jonathan Bernstein

6th Webinar
Speaker: Prof. G. Walter Canonica, Update on severe asthma – new developments
Moderator: Prof. Ignacio Ansotegui

7th Webinar
Speaker: Prof. Prof. Pascal Chanez, Inhaled and oral corticosteroids in asthma
Moderator: Prof. Louis-Philippe Boulet

8th Webinar
Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Bernstein, Environmental and workplace influences on asthma
Moderator: Prof. Carlos Nunes

9th Webinar
Speaker: Prof. Fulvio Braido, Perception of severe asthma and its treatment by clinicians
Moderator: Prof. Pierachille Santus